Sunday, August 7, 2011


I am a professional dieter. I have been on several different diets over the years. Low calorie, low carbs, low fat, protein power, weight watchers, think thin, weigh down, and a few more I can't think of.

They all worked.

While I was ON.

Problem was, I didn't stay ON. After a while, I got off. And didn't get back on. And gained back everything I lost. And then some.

I was frustrated to the point of not wanting to try to lose weight. I hated the thought of doing all that work and losing the weight to eventually gain it all back. And I was pretty sure I would gain it all back because I didn't want to stay on a diet for the rest of my life.

While I was pregnant with Emma, I was introduced to Zija, a wonderful all natural health product. Zija helped me tremendously while I was pregnant with Emma, so much so that I couldn't wait to try their weight management system after I delivered her.

She was born 13 months ago. I started on the weight management system a few months later, and the first 40 or 50 pounds seemed to fall right off. Then I got off track for several months, busy with other things and I didn't lose much more weight. I hadn't been exercising or on a "diet" up to this point.

Paul suggested we check out the local gym. I was all for that. I enjoy going to a gym and exercising and I knew I would love going with him. So we checked it out and joined about a month ago. We have been very faithful in going 5 or 6 days a week for an hour or two. But we refuse to go on a diet. We eat normal food and don't count anything. We do try to make wise choices, healthy choices. (Come on, you can't eat cake everyday and expect to lose weight!) We try not to eat after supper and try to drink mostly water.

After a month, I've lost 20 more pounds. I've got my stamina back and feel pretty good.

I still take the zija religiously. It is complete nuitrition, along with an energy boost and appetite suppressent. Some days I have to remind myself to eat. They came out with a new product that helps you burn fat while you sleep and helps you sleep better. I have noticed an improvement in my sleeping in the few days I've taken it. Zija works so well because it is from a tree that God created. God always knows what's best, doesn't He?

I'm excited that I'm losing weight without dieting and getting healthy in the process!!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Good for you! You look great and I am so happy for you. Isn't that just like God to make a tree like that.


Paul Sr. said...

You can get more information on Zija & the Moringa Tree at
We have experienced amazing health benefits & have lost the weight of our 3 youngest children combined