Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cherry Blossom Festival

We went downtown yesterday to enjoy our town's annual cherry blossom festival. It was a spectacular day- absolutely beautiful.

Ben getting a ride from Dad.

Dad and Emma. (Sorry I took so many pictures of Emma, but she was just so cute. If you think there are alot here, you should see all the ones I didn't post!!)

We're so glad she's finally feeling better.

Cute chubby hand on Daddy's shoulder.

Silly boy.

Daddy and his two youngest children. And to think, we were done having children after Ellie. Look at the blessings we would have missed.

He loves her! I hope it always stays that way.

Ahhhh! Cherry ice cream- the reason we came!

Sam enjoying his.

Ben. What a mess but he did enjoy it!

Even Emma got to try some.

She did not want to give it back to Dad- she LOVED it!

At the big cat show- lions, tigers and even a liger.

The boys got a front row seat.

Anna and Ellie. I know there are not many pics of them anymore, but they are not as happy to let mom take their picture all the time.

Yes, that is a big ferocious lion less than 6 feet from my little boys. Only a small fence was separating them.

They loved it.

What a great day. It was nice to get out as a family and have everyone well.

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