Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random Thoughts

  • Emma was diagnosed with the flu on Thursday. Poor baby was so sick and feverish all Thursday and into Friday, but she seemed to feel alot better Saturday and even better today.
  • Ben came down with the flu on Friday. He has had a very mild case of it, with his main symptom being a non stop runny nose.
  • I am battling a sinus/ear infection. Bleh. I hate those. They make you feel miserable, yet not sick enough to justify lying in bed all day, but that's really all you want to do.
  • Paul went camping for 3 days with just a backpack. He hiked 20 miles carrying a 40 pound pack with all his supplies on it. I think I'd rather stay home with the sick kiddos!
  • Our temperature here was 88 yesterday. Whoa- it's only March! Too soon for such hot temps. Today is much cooler.
  • The cherry blossoms are in full bloom and amazingly beautiful. I'm hoping to get some pictures in the next day or two before they start turning green.
  • My laptop is not working after "someone" spilled water on it. Sigh. I hope its fixable. I again did not back up some pictures, so if the laptops gone, so are the pictures and videos. Will I ever learn?
  • Emma has been saying dada and bye bye. No matter how hard I try, she won't say mama. Her dad is eating it up that she says dada so much. She yells it, says it, whispers it and growls it! She's so cute.

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Anonymous said...

woah...not fun. Totally understand about the pictures...I had all of my pics and videos on the computer and "someone" didn't back them up like they were supposed to when "someone" redid our computer. So...there go all of Z's baby pics (poor guy has maybe 10 newborn pics)