Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye, 2010

You were a good year. The first half of you seemed to drag by; the last half flew. You brought with you many challenges and opportunities, problems and disappointments, failures and victories. We started you out as a family of 8; we ended you as a family of 9.

I hope as I sit here on your last day, I am a different person than I was on your first day. I hope I glorified God every minute of you, but sadly, I know I failed in that.

I can look back on you, on your every day, and see the hand of God in our lives. I can see valleys and mountains and I see God in every one of them.

Rest in Peace 2010. You had your time. I can't relive you, as much as I might want to. I can't forget you, as much as I might want to. I can only thank God for you and your unique challenges and move on.

Hello, 2011. You're a brand new clean slate. May I not waste one minute of you but rather cherish the time I've been given and joyfully serve my God all through you.

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