Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Change in Perspective

A few weeks ago, Paul decided to take the kids to the dollar theatre in the next town over. This left me with a decision: go see the movie with the family or stay home with Emma. You can guess what I chose. I enjoyed an evening at home with Emma, who slept about half the time. I was able to spend time alone with her, playing with her and then I put her to bed.

I got to thinking about this evening. If this had happened when I only had Paul jr., and I had to stay at home with him while Paul went to the movies, I would not have been happy. I probably would have spent the evening pouting about how I always have to stay home with the baby.

20 years and six children has changed my perspective. One baby? Piece of cake- not even a bother- more of a joy. Having to stay at home alone? Bliss, pure bliss. It was an evening I enjoyed, having to stay home with the baby. I guess my 24 year old self was too busy pouting to realize what she was missing. :)

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