Monday, January 24, 2011

A blogging break, A quilt and A sleeping Baby

I did not intend to step away from the blog for a whole week. This week has been extremely busy for me for a couple of different reasons. My brother in law David came over on Tuesday and cleaned out our basement again. I think this may be the 3495th time he has cleaned it out since we have lived here. (Just kidding- it's only the 342nd time!!) Well, as he was cleaning, he told me there was a big pile of clothes down there. Bring them up I said.

And he did. And he kept on bringing them up. Until half of my kitchen was full of clothes. UGH It didn't matter if they were clean or dirty, they all smelled like the basement- musty. There must have been at least 15 loads of laundry and if we wanted to keep any of them, they all had to be washed. So I began the huge task of doing the laundry. Where did all these clothes come from you ask? Well, there were clothes from when the big boys lived down there several years ago. They left a pile in the closet to go through "later" and I guess later never came. There was also a few boxes of baby clothes and a box of Paul's summer clothes that never got put in the attic. There were girl clothes, hunting clothes, a bunch of towels, coats, jackets, clothes that were slated to be donated, etc, etc, etc. But I have finished all that laundry, finally. And now tomorrow, I get to do all the laundry that got behind while I was doing the basement laundry. (Don't I have a fun life??)

The other reason I was busy was because I was making a quilt. One of my friends in the church is expecting a little girl and her shower was Sunday. I thought I gave myself enough time, but things came up and I got behind and had to work alot this week on the quilt. But I was very pleased how it turned out.

I had made the middle blocks when I made Emma's quilt and then I ended up not using them. So I had kind of a headstart. I love all the pinks!

And here is Emma, fast asleep in her walker.
So cute!!

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