Monday, August 9, 2010


It was a rare rainy day here in South Florida. It rains alot in Florida; what is rare is that it lasted most of the day. Paul, Paul Jr., Zack and Anna tried to beat the rain and headed out to Sanibel Island Beach this morning. They were able to enjoy the beach for a little while before a storm blew up and they had to leave.

I was left with Ellie (who has an ear infection and is not feeling great), Sam, Ben and Emma to entertain. I decided on Chuck E Cheese, not my favorite place in the world but I knew the boys would love it. So we loaded up and headed out.

Sam loved loved loved it! Ben enjoyed it, but did not want to ride anything or play anything. He wanted to walk around and pretend he was playing the games. We put him on a couple of kiddie rides only to pull him right off when he started screaming when the rides started moving. Oh well!

Tonight for dinner, Paul grilled us delicious steaks. It finally cleared up and we were able to get into the pool and hot tub after dinner, which was very relaxing. While we were in the pool, Paul whipped us up some "special" drinks to drink while sitting in the jacuzzi. It was nice to enjoy the evening with all my children finally here. (Although Emma was not in the pool!)

I'm not sure what's on the plan for tomorrow; it's supposed to rain all week, so I suppose we will wait and see what we can squeeze in. Everyone was tired tonight and went to bed relatively early. Everyone, that is, except me, who has to feed Emma one more time before I go to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Ellie, I know how she was with her poor ears last summer here. Give her a hug for me.
Love, Mom
Nothing like having all your kids together