Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

We are on vacation in south Florida for a few weeks. As we were driving here yesterday, I got to thinking about our plans for this vacation, and how they have changed.
  • We were supposed to go on vacation in November, when I predicted I would be 100% after having a baby. Instead, I am 4 weeks out from major surgery and childbirth. Not nearly 100% yet.
  • We had planned to stay 2 weeks in the North Georgia mountains. We are in South Florida.
  • We planned to leave around 7am yesterday morning; we pulled out around 9am. Even though we were two hours late, I was still impressed that we were able to leave that early. Leaving early is not our "thing".
  • According to the GPS, it should have taken us between 7 and 8 hours to get here. It took us over 12.
  • We planned to make quick stops. Our tire blew and the whole ordeal of fixing it and waiting for triple A and lunch took about 3 hours.
  • We wanted to take the van so we would have room. The a/c in the van stopped working so we ended up taking the wagon, which has no room for luggage.
  • So we decided to take the bubble, which sits on top of the car, to make room for the luggage. However, when trying to install it, Paul discovered that it wasn't going to work. This was on Sunday night.

But, for all these changes, we were very impressed with the house we rented and the price we got it for. It has a private inground pool (which is beautiful) and a jacuzzi. We've only been here less than a day and the kids have been in and out of the pool probably 6 times.

Emma did wonderful on the trip here. She slept almost the whole way, which worried me that she might be up all night, but after her nightly "fussy" time, she slept till 7am this morning. She really is a wonderful baby- very content and a delight to her family. Ben and Sam also did great on the long trip down. They were very well behaved in the car and they have both really enjoyed the pool.

I'll be posting pictures later.


Anonymous said...

I am glad it all turned out well.
We have had issues like that with trips before. The one that comes to mind is a 19 hour trip my husband and I took when we first got married and if 19 hours was not long enough. There was a police shootout on the freeway and we were stuck in the middle of nowhere Arkansas for 4 hours! I always wonder what God is saving me from with the delay.....

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign my name:)