Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pregnancy Update

I finally got into see a doctor yesterday. I had a bit of a difficult time finding a doctor who would accept me as a patient because this is my 5th c section, but thankfully I found a doctor who specializes in high risk patients who agreed to see me.

It was surreal, walking in that office.  Even though I'm about 18 weeks along and even though I've felt the baby moving, it still seems unreal that this is happening again.  I signed in and sat down.  I was pleasantly surprised to only have to wait a few minutes before being called back.

The nurses were all so nice and kind.  I felt very comfortable with them.  Until they took my blood pressure.  Ugh.  My old pregnancy nemesis has returned.  I've been checking my bp all along at the grocery store, and while it has never been low, it hasn't been that high.  I was optimistically hoping to avoid medicine this time around.

Suffice it to say, that isn't going to happen.  I was put back on bp meds.  It's a different medicine than I've ever taken, so I'm hoping it doesn't cause me to be so tired and lightheaded all the time.  And I'm hoping it is effective so I don't have to be put on a second medicine.

The doctor walked into the room and sat down and looked at his computer, then looked at me, then looked back at his computer.  "You are kidding me" he said.  "You are not really 47?"   I assured him that yes, indeed, I was 47.  "That's amazing!" he said.  Ha.  I think that was a compliment!  He also told me that I was tied for being the oldest patient he has delivered.  Not sure if that was a compliment!

Then he let me hear the heartbeat.  Wow.  I've heard the heartbeats of all 8 of my children (including the one I lost), and everytime, it is amazing.  I've been replaying that sound over and over in my head since yesterday.  It makes it all real.

He told me I was due August 14, which I already knew.  I'm having an ultrasound next week, and have to go back in 2 weeks for a bp check.  He told me I am extremely high risk, which I already knew.  They took some blood for routine blood tests, and then it was over.

He was so kind.  He did not give me a hard time about anything.  The first visit I had with the doctor for Emma was a nightmare.  That doctor chewed me out for not using birth control at my age and basically treated me like an idiot.  I was so relieved to find a doctor that was kind and nice.

I feel great!  So far, this is the best pregnancy I've ever had.  I've had the  mildest morning sickness and the most energy.  I go to the gym about 5 days a week and walk for about 45 minutes.  I am tired and I feel "very" pregnant already, but that is  to be expected.  In this pregnancy and in my previous pregnancy, I have noticed that I "feel" much further along than I actually am.  I guess that's part of being an older pregnant mom.

So that's the update!  22 more weeks to go.....

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