Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Big Reveal

I had an ultrasound  appointment on Tuesday bright and early.  I didn't get my hopes up to find out what the baby was because Emma was uncooperative at her first ultrasound, but I was looking forward to seeing the baby for the first time.  I walked in the office and within 5 minutes I was called back.

I was disappointed when the ultrasound tech told me I wouldn't be able to see the monitor while she did her measurements. I don't get that.  It's insane and kind of cruel to do that to an expecting mother who only wants to gaze at her baby.  But she was kind about it and told me she'd turn the screen so I could see at the end.

She said I bet you are feeling lots of kicks right now.  Oh yes I said!  The baby was moving around quite a lot.  She scanned my belly for a few minutes and said, the baby has it's legs all folded up and I can't tell what it is.  Sigh. 

A few minutes later she said I think it's a boy.  Yeah!  But, I didn't want to just "think" it was a boy, I wanted to know for sure.  She turned the screen around and showed me the different parts and then said, Oh there's a better view.  It's a boy for sure.

Honestly, I wasn't surprised at all.  I guess I had been thinking all along it was a boy and to have it confirmed was no big deal.  I was very pleased.  I love little boys.

Then she told me he was measuring big.  Not a surprise there either- I tend to have big babies.  I also was not sure of my dates, so I'm thinking it's a combination of both of these things.  I was just glad she didn't tell me I wasn't as far along as I thought.  I was 18 weeks- and she said he's measuring 21 weeks.  Wow.  That would make his due date July 29.  But then she proceeded to tell me that they don't usually change due dates unless it's a 3 week difference- and mine was 16 days.

Soooo, I guess my due date is somewhere between July 29 and August 14.

I had already planned how I would tell the family.  I stopped at Party City and picked up a yellow gift bag and filled it with blue candy.  By this time Paul had called twice and was a little put out I wouldn't tell him over the phone.  I had told him I was pregnant over the phone and I wasn't about to tell him the gender that way too.

I arrived home with my yellow bag and some blurry ultrasound pictures to some very excited people.  I handed the bag to Paul and he took it and sat down and glanced inside and a big smile crossed his face.  The kids were bouncing up and down by this point and he very slowly pulled out a blue lollipop.  "ITS A BOY!"  Everyone was thrilled.

The kids dove into the candy and in a few minutes their mouths and tongues were blue and that's how we decided to announce it on FB.

His name is Jackson Timothy Dziadul.  Timothy is after Paul's brother who died suddenly a few years ago.  Jackson is just because we all like it.  Both Paul Jr. and Zack told us they love the name and the other kids did too.  It's quite unusual for us to agree so easily on a name.

5 sons.  Wow.  I still can't believe it, but I'm very pleased.  Jackson, you will be one loved little baby boy.

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