Monday, September 2, 2013

Random July Pictures

 We celebrated Father's Day very late since I was in Kansas on Father's Day.  I made Paul a giant flan since I knew he loved flan.  He ate as much as he could before he left for Brazil and then the rest got thrown out since none of the rest of us care for flan.  (I was suprised at how easy it was to make!)

 Emma's birthday cupcake on her actual birthday.
 Of course, she got some help blowing it out!
 Rose and Rory.  Ellie's new kittens.

 Sam at Junior Camp.  He was so excited.

 Sam and Dalton.
 Emma actually fell asleep in the tub while taking a bath.  She let all the water out and fell asleep.
 I laughed so hard when I found her like this.
 My room after our new flooring was installed.
 Since then, Paul's closet doors have been put on and the room looks finished and great.

Our newly finished bathroom.  We love it!

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