Friday, September 6, 2013

"FIrst" day at Classical Conversations

 Classical Conversations started on August 12 for this school year.  With all the preparations and getting everyone ready and out the door early, I forgot to snap pictures.  So these are really from the second day, but who's counting?
 Emma Grace  looking snazzy in all purple
 She even has a butterfly backpack.
 Benjamin is in my class again this year.  I am noticing a marked improvement in his retention and in his ability to focus. That's great news!!

 Samuel is in an "older" group this year and he loves it.  He memorizes all the memory work effortlessly.

 I promise you, they were all excited even though they don't look like it.
 I tried and tried to get them to at least all look in the same direction, but no luck there.
No luck with smiles either.  Oh well.

We love Classical Conversations!

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