Friday, September 27, 2013

My Little Yard Guy and Potato Soup

 A few Saturdays ago, I decided to clean up our yard.  Ben was right out there with me, helping me pick up.  When I got out the blower and told him he could use it, he was thrilled.

 He did a pretty good job, considering it is almost as big as he is.
 I was proud of him!
 That night I made one of the best pots of potato soup EVER!!  I've made this before, but I used raw milk this time, and it was so creamy and rich.
 I used to throw out the skins, but then one day it hit me.  We pay good money for these in a restaurant, why not throw them in the oven with a little cheese and bacon?  And ever since, when we have potato soup, we have potato skins.  I think I'd have a mutiny if I served one without the other.
This boy ate more than his fair share of soup and skins.  I think it was all the hard work he did that day.  What a kid!

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