Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Sunday

 This was about the best picture I got of the 3 of them.
 Cute of Ben, cute of Emma, not so much of Sam.
 Cutie pies!
 In her beautiful Christmas Dress.  I LOVED this dress!
 So sweet.  ( I finally figured out how to get her to smile nice.  I tell her to show her teeth, and she does!)
 Beautiful girl in a beautiful dress.
 Walking to dad at the end of the service.
 A tradition for 7 years.
 Getting ready for a family shot.
 Still getting ready.
 There.  A nice picture.
 Awww.  24 plus years and I'm still madly in love with this man!

 Not sure.  Not sure at all.
 Maybe they were excited about Christmas?
 All I know is they posed for these pictures and they haven't done that for years.
 Paul Jr. and Joseph.
Again, I was taking advantage of the fact that Paul was letting me take his picture, even though it was an odd picture.

It was a very nice Sunday.  Later in the evening, we went carolling as a family to some families in the church and some older shut ins.  I wasn't sure how the older kids would react, but they jumped right in and everyone sang.  We brought them some cookies and everyone was so grateful and excited that we had come to their house.  Every year I'm always amazed when we go carolling.  It is such a little thing, but to these people, especially the shut ins, it means so much.

Afterwards, Dad suprised us and took us all out to dinner.  We hardly ever go out to eat as a family because of the cost of feeding so many people, so this was a real treat.  Then home to watch a family favorite, The Santa Clause.  It was a great day!  I loved having all my kids home!

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