Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was busy!  Anna and I started with a run to goodwill and Walmart and got back home and cooked and cleaned all afternoon.  I made chicken noodle soup for lunch and it was delicious.  Zack, Ellie and Paul spent all afternoon at the church prepping for the Candlelight and Carols service.  Sam and Ben were so excited and so wild.  They each took turns wrapping their gifts for the family.  Emma was excited and wild also, but she really didn't know why.

The service was beautiful, as always.  The candle lit sanctuary and the familiar songs of Christmas were made for each other.  Emma was very antsy during the service, but was intrigued by being able to hold her candle.  Finally, the candles were lit and she sat very still, watching the flame.  So cute!

Then it was home to par-tay!!

I made several of our favorite appetizers and snack foods:  sweet and sour meatballs, bacon cracker appetizers, bacon wrapped lil smokies, a cheeseball, moose munch popcorn and sparkling cider.  We watched The Santa Clause 2 while we ate.

The little ones then went to bed, and Ellie and I got to work!  I had left the majority of the wrapping, so she graciously wrapped all the presents for me.  And, of course, we ran out of wrapping paper and had to scrounge around for other options.  She also cleaned the kitchen I had bought for Emma.  I bought it second hand, and it was in very good condition, just needed a good scrubbing.  Thank God for Ellie or I'd have been up most of the night.  While she did this, I stuffed the stockings.

Finally we went to bed...

(Blogger is not letting me upload pics so that will have to wait )

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