Sunday, March 4, 2012

Random Thoughts

  • I've been very slack in blogging. I'm afraid that's going to continue for a while, until we get Internet back at the house, or maybe until my children are all grown. :) Just kidding.  I think.  Maybe.
  • It seems like someone hit the fast forward button on my life back around Christmas and it's still going.  Seems like it goes faster and faster each week.  I remember as a kid my parents commenting on how fast life was going.  I thought they were crazy.  I get it now, and they were not crazy.
  • Paul is going to CA for a week to John MaCarther's Shepherd's Conference.  God worked it out miraculously, just like He did for Paul's cruise.  All expenses paid, even spending money.  I'm thrilled for him and a little sad for myself.  I'd love to go to CA.  Sigh.  Sometimes it's hard being the one left home.  Again.  sigh.
  • Even though it is 30 degrees cooler today than it was two days ago, I think Spring has sprung.  The grass is turning a lovely shade of green and alot of trees are budding and blossoming.  I love this time of year.
  • No big projects planned for the week Paul is gone.  I'm just going to focus on cleaning out closets and drawers.  I do have one "project" in the works and we'll see if I make any progress on it.  No dear, it does not involve paint. :)
  • We are in full "birthday season" at our house.  We just had Paul and Ben's, and now Ellie's 13th is coming up.  Can't believe Ellie is going to be a teenager.  Actually, I can't believe she is only now becoming a teenager.  She's been a teenager since she was born! Those of you that know her understand exactly what I mean.
  • School is going fine.  We're hitting some spring fever- well, maybe I'm the only one with spring fever.  It hits every year around this time.  We just have to plug on through till June. 
  • Sam is doing great and reading like a champ.  He is a joy to school- he hasn't learned to dislike it yet.  He is so like his brother Paul.
  • Ben was looking at a picture of me as a little child.  I said that's Mommy when I was a little girl.  He said, Well, Mom.  I used to be a big mom.  haha
  • Life is never dull at our house and life is never slow around here.  We are trying to enjoy every day.

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