Sunday, March 11, 2012

Around our House Today

 Breakfast . . .
 . . . with Elmo
 Blooming Azeleas
 Fun on the Trampoline

 A closet clean out
 All this was in there??
 A plethora of suits
 A job finished
 Goodnight #1
 Goodnight #2
 Goodnight #3

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs.Elizabeth
I have greatly enjoyed getting to know your family better, especially Anna and sometimes Paul. Anna and I were laughing over how closely we reconnected ,as we told Julia 'we've only been reconnected for a month and we're already like best buds' lol-we laughed harder when we said and then did the same motion at the exact same minute. You have a wonderful daughter who is an awesome light for God! Please tell her i look forward to seeing her this week for our study, as I'm finding it hard to reach her by phone...and we've been crazy busy with things lately