Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ellie at 13

Elizabeth Adrian Dziadul turned 13 at 8:16pm this evening.  It seems impossible that little Ella Fella is now a full-fledged teenager.  But on the other hand, it seems impossible that she is only now becoming a teenager.  Ellie was one of those little girls who always seemed years older than she really was.  I have commented before that she was a teenager from the moment she was born.

She has had a great birthday celebration.  It started yesterday with lunch out with her Nana and then clothes shopping, one of Ellie's favorite things to do.  She came home and had a package from Grandma to open.

Then this morning, she had her birthday breakfast with Dad, a Dziadul family tradition.  She wasn't home very long before she left for her birthday lunch, treated by her future brother in law, Joseph.  Anna, Paul Jr., Kristin and Garrett also went along for lunch and an afternoon together.  Then tonight, she, Anna, Paul and Kristin went to the Air Force Reserve Band concert, followed by cake and ice cream.

Tomorrow, Ellie, Kristin and I are going to see The Hunger Games movie and then hopefully Saturday evening, we'll have the extended family celebration.

Whew.  That's alot of celebrating!

But she's worth it.  Ellie has worked hard this school year in her classical school and has learned so much and done so well.  It has been a challenge and at times a bumpy road, but through it all, she has done well.  She also helps out with the little kids, changing diapers and giving baths and playing.  She is a wonderful part of our family.

Ellie, have a wonderful 13th birthday and may God bless us abundantly this year and the years to come.  May He give you a servant's heart and a submissive attitude as you strive to serve Him.

I love you more than you know.

(Pics will be coming when I get a decent Internet signal)

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