Saturday, March 3, 2012

Benjamin's 4th Birthday

Ben woke up bright and early on the morning of February 22nd, his fourth birthday.  He was sooooo excited!  First off, Dad gave him a present- a cool Mossy Oak deer tee shirt and then took Ben out to McDonalds for his birthday breakfast.  (Everyone gets breakfast out with dad for their birthdays!).  Ben wasn't so happy in this pic because I made him stand outside so I could get his picture in his new tee shirt, and he was cold.  But, he recovered very fast.

 After breakfast, we loaded up the van, made a stop to get Ben's cousin and very best friend, Andyman, and headed to Chuck E. Cheese.  We love going in the morning because it is usually empty.  We weren't disappointed this day- only 2 other people were there.  It was so nice and so much fun to have the place to ourselves.  We got some tokens and were ready to play.
 Emma was very unsure about everything.  She did not like any of the rides and only tolerated this big spinning cup for a few minutes.  She liked walking around, by herself, the best.
 (Doesn't she look cute in her new cowboy boots??)  Andyman and Ben, on the other hand, couldn't do everything fast enough!  They had a hard time staying on the ride until it was finished before running to the next thing.
 They sure did enjoy themselves!

 After we got home, Ben opened his gift from Andy.  He loved all the cool toys and he, Sam and Andy played with them all afternoon.

 A birthday lunch of the birthday boys favorites:  hot dogs, mac and cheese and green beans.
 More gifts!
 A tool  box from Dad.
 This is how he fell asleep: flashlight on and tape measure on his chest.  So cute!
 In our small church, we have four people with birthdays on the 22nd of February.  We had a party for them after church.  The cake was so pretty.
Ben with all the other birthday people.

Happy Birthday Ben.  Your birthday is a bit bittersweet for your mom.  I'm thrilled you're growing and learning and exploring, but my heart is somewhat sad that you are already 4.  I'm going to miss the 3 year old Ben!

Love you buddy.

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