Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ladies Christmas Dinner

 On Tuesday evening, I hosted our Annual Ladies Christmas Dinner.  This has become a favorite evening for many of the ladies.  This year we had a baked potato bar, salads and desserts.
 The food was wonderful!  Emma agreed- she ate the entire baked potato.
 Lauren and Noelle
 We also had a white elephant gift exchange, which is always alot of fun.  Ellie and Joy were discussing the possibilites of each gift here.  The "hot" gift of the exchange was a box filled with several different mini perfumes.  It was snatched several times, and the lucky person who had it at the end was Ellie, much to the chagrin of her sister (and her mother!).
 Darleen and Carol solving the world's problems.
 Emma was still eating.
It was a great evening with a bunch of great ladies!

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