Thursday, December 15, 2011

Annual Open House Party

 We had our annual open house on Wednesday, December 7th.  We started doing this a year or two after we moved here, so it is now a tradition for us to hold this the first week in December.
 I like it early because it motivates us to get all our decorating finished early in December.
 The tree looked so pretty, as did the rest of the house.

 Emma looked so cute, as always.
 But she was not into getting her pictures taken.
 "MOM!  I'm done already!"

 She was all about the donut holes.  Everytime I looked at her, she had one, licking the sugar off and eating it.

I don't know what Paul was telling Beverly, but whatever it was, it was exciting!


Kelly said...

First time I ever made your blog...I feel special. She was too funny about those donuts. :)

Anonymous said...

Paul looks like my brother Ron in this picture. Amazing Love, Mom