Sunday, October 9, 2011

Emma, Ben and a few others

 While at the funeral, Ellie did a great job keeping Ben and Emma quiet.  Emma spent the time picking up whatever she found on the ground, and then eating it.  Thankfully, she spit it all out before swallowing.  When the funeral was over, I took this series of pictures of her and I think they turned out very cute.

 Ben spent the time collecting rocks.  He actually put a line of rocks by each vehicle that was parked in the small circle.  He also picked flowers for me, Anna and Nana, and didn't understand why he wasn't allowed to pass them out during the funeral.

 After the flowers, he found a berry bush.  A red berry bush and he picked a few.  And then squished them.
 He tried to wipe his hands on his white sweater, which, by they way, is no longer white. :)
 Zachary.  It was so nice to see him and he brought much comfort to his father while he was there.
 Paul and his two oldest sons.  What a handsome bunch.  I know funerals are not the ideal place to take pictures, but I couldn't resist snapping one of these three all dressed up.
 After the service was over, the funeral director showed us the grave of "Bobshi and Jadju"- Paul's great grandparents.  I thought it was so sweet how Samuel got right down and helped clean off the grave of his great, great grandparents.

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