Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday in Virginia

Tuesday we went to some friends of my brother and sister in law's house.  They live right on the water and have a beautiful property, along with an inground pool.  Their little white dog spent the entire time running around the pool and then jumping in.  If someone was in the pool, he was jumping in.  Turns out he is OCD and can't stand people in the pool and jumps in the entire time.  Poor doggie swallowed so much chorine water that he was up all night.

Ellie and Emma
Sam enjoying the pool.  The water was very cool, but once you were in, it was nice.  (Or so I'm told.  I didn't venture in)

Part of their property.  This is the guest house.
Beautiful James River.
Emma enjoying her time in the pool
Sam playing the James River, which is really the ocean.
Tony, Paul, Anna and Ben after a long walk out into the river.  They walked and walked and walked and the water did not get over chest high.
Anna and Paul kayaking
Emma playing in the buff!
And loving it!

Paul took Ben and Sam on a kayak ride.

Tony relaxing

Emma was wiped out.
Eating breakfast at Uncle Tony's

Sitting on the dock at Tony and Elena's
On either side of the dock they have a crab pot and catch and then eat fresh crabs daily
Another beautiful sunset
Benjamin was convinced that this little structure was a "little preach" and demonstrated how to use it.

Like Father, Like Son

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