Thursday, May 26, 2011

Random Pics and Random Thoughts

Emma loves her baby! She hugs her and kisses her-it is so cute. She LOVES stuffed animals and I learned the hard way that if she hugs a stuffed animal in a store, she assumes that she is going to be able to keep that stuffed animal and she will let you know very loudly that she is NOT happy if you try to take it away. She can fly around the living room in her walker and she took about 5 steps on her own yesterday. I fear that she will be totally mobile in a matter of weeks.

I found her like this in the playpen this morning, just folded over sleeping. Check out those curls in the back of her head! Zack and Anna had heads full of curls and I think Emma's hair is following suit.

Here is the newest reader in the house, showing you the story he read, all by himself, this morning. He is doing great!! Check out the name of the story- he loved it!

If this picture doesn't scream ornery, I don't know what does.

This is his "happy" face. When he's grumpy or mad, I tell him to show me his happy face. He does and we both laugh.

Handsome Samuel.

I love this picture of him Ellie took. In fact, Ellie took all these pictures. She is developing into quite a photographer.

This kid just makes us smile. Well, most of the time. I wasn't smiling so much this afternoon when he decided to dump out all the body soap in the bathroom sink and put a cup in the drain while the water was running so it almost overflowed. No, no smiles then.

He was watching his favorite cartoon, "Tom and Yerry". Yes, I know it's Tom and Jerry, but Ben doesn't say the /j/ sound. He says yerry and yuice and yacket. It's kind of funny.

Good night.

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I love your pictures Aunt elizabeth this is rebecka :)