Friday, April 8, 2011

Samuel at 6

Samuel Isaac turned 6 today. That is hard for me to believe! He received a bike from Paul and I and loved it. I am pretty sure he won't be needing the training wheels for long. He let me take his picture today and was very cooperative. Here are six things about Samuel.
1. Samuel LOVES superheroes. I'm not sure why, but he enjoys anything to do with them. His favorite is Ironman. Again, I'm not sure why!
2. Sam is learning to read and has begun to read small books. I have found him several times within the past few days, curled up somewhere with his stack of "easy" books, sounding out words and reading.
3. He still sucks his thumb. All. The. Time. I have a feeling we are going to have to take some drastic measures this year to put an end to this habit. The act of sucking his thumb doesn't bother me; however, it has really messed up his baby teeth and we don't want it to mess up his adult teeth.
4. He reminds me so much of Paul, Jr. In looks, in build and in personality. There are even trivial quirky things (like how he takes medicine) that is almost an exact replica of his brother Paul. It can blow your mind at times and many times I find myself looking at Sam and thinking "Paul".
5. He is a very giving child and will about give anyone anything of his. Unless, of course, that anyone is his brother Ben!
6. He lost his first tooth yesterday with the help of the dentist.
Happy Birthday Sam! I'm so glad God sent you to us when we didn't even know we needed you.
You have been a delight to me and I am privileged to be your mom!

Happy Birthday!

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Angie said...

My favorite part was when you said "I'm so glad God sent you to us when we didn't even know we needed you" It made me cry. It's just how I feel about Andy. In fact I cried when I found out I was pregnant, my life was such a MESS ~ But with God's grace I have come to know what a blessing this little boy is. I say about him, "Some of the best gifts are the ones you didn't even know that you needed" <3