Friday, April 29, 2011

Last game for softball/tee ball

Anna, Ellie and Sam had their last games of the season this evening. It was a perfect evening for baseball as the weather was great. Anna and Ellie really enjoyed playing this year, and both of them improved tremendously over the course of the season. Sam had a blast for his first year and can't wait to play again next time. It is a joy to watch my children play in this league. It is semi-competitive, but there is none of the ugliness that is prevalant in other leagues. Anna and Ellie's coach remarked tonight that he so enjoyed coaching the girls because everyone was respectful of one another (even though they fiercely wanted to win!). There was no "smack" talk, no boo-ing, no ugliness at all. All the parents cheered for all the girls to do well. It is refeshing to see a group of young people who can be very competitive without being ugly. Good job girls.

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