Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I had a very full day today! It started off with storytime at the library with Sam and Ben. They really enjoy this time and I enjoy watching them. Of course, the stories and puppets were all about Christmas today which made even more fun. At one point, she gave each of the ten children jingle bells to shake while singing- Ben absolutely loved that.

After storytime, I was invited to have lunch at my sister in law Sherry's house. She had made us such a delicious, nice lunch. It was very Christmasy and very relaxing at her house. I enjoyed it very much.

Then tonight, Paul and I had our nights. We've had to combine nights because we're running out of time this year, but it worked out just fine. I took the family to see A Christmas Carol at the movies in 3-D. It was quite a movie! The animation was just incredible. It may have been a little too much for Sam, however. After the movie, Paul took us out to Mexican, one of our favorites. It was delicious and Paul sprang for white cheese and dessert, a real treat. This is the one time a year we all go to the movies and out for dinner.

Tomorrow, the girls and I will begin baking cookies for our cookie swap on Friday, then we have Christmas at Paul's parents on Saturday and then Sunday, we leave! I hope we can get it all done- the laundry, I mean!!


jwcreath@gmail.com said...

Sounds like fun! You can always bring your laundry with you & we can work on it while we visit on Fri. Multi-tasking at its best!!!!

Anonymous said...

cool...what a fun day! :) I have been wanting to see that movie.


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, you can wash at my house,you don't need to bring a lot of clothes. Just warm ones :) I am running out of time too..but it always works out. We always want to do more it seems than time allows. Can't wait to see you all, a special treat at Christmas.
Love, Mom
Snow is a real possibility