Monday, November 4, 2013

Mountain get-a-way Part 2

 I noticed him standing by this "Pool Closed" sign and it was just a little sad.  But, the hot tub was open but only for adults.  So no swimming this trip for the kids. 
 Beautiful colors.

 Love these pictures where their feet aren't touching the ground.

 We played a round of mini golf.  Notice the smile on Sam's face?  He was doing unusually well in this game and even beating his dad and I.  It didn't last and Paul eventually won, but Sam sure loved doing so well.

 This boy needed a lot of instruction but had a great time.

 She just watched as we tried to make sure she didn't get into any of the water around the holes.
 The kids love this giant tub.
 I made up a crockpot full of venison stew to bring with us.  This is from the deer that Anna shot and she told me as soon as she shot it, she thought of venison stew. 
 It. Was. Delicious.
 Do you know what this is?
 This is a picture of a little boy who put soap in the tub and then turned on the jets.
See his little face peeking out??  It took a long time for that soap to dissolve!

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