Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mountain Get A Way Part 4

 This is at a mill near Helen.  We've been coming here for years and big reason why is the fish in this water.  They have pellets you feed the fish and the fish are enormous.  But this year the fish were way upstream and we couldn't see them well.

 Beautiful colors.

 Silly girl.
 Much better.

 Next was Anna Ruby Falls.  We've been here several times before.  When I saw this sign I was relieved.  A short walk.
 What the sign didn't say was that the walk was straight. up. hill.  Literally.
 But it was a beautiful walk.

 Our family in front of the falls.

 Tired out.
 She was posing for the camera.

 Love, love, love this picture of Ben.
Next and last stop:  Helen, Georgia

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