Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What Happens When Ben Dresses Himself

 I told Ben to go get dressed the other morning.  Big Mistake.  The boy has no regard for how he puts on clothes, as evidenced by these photos.
 I can almost assure you that he doesn't have underwear on either.
Good thing he's so cute.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Random Thoughts

  • The girls returned home from camp today.  They've been gone since Sunday afternoon.  The house has been somewhat quieter with them gone.  The little ones were so glad to see them this afternoon when they returned.  According to all reports, they both had a great time.
  • Last week, when Paul was in Virginia, I took it upon myself to rid our yard of leaves.  You would not believe how many leaves there were in our front and side yards.  I'm certain some of those leaves have been there for years.  I'm not sure why I did it.  It was very hard work and I severly underestimated the time it would take me to rake all those millions of leaves into the woods.  I had several blisters on my hands from the rake, but it was very fulfilling to get it done. 
  • Zack and his girl friend, Andrea, fly home next week.  The little boys are counting down sleeps until Bubba gets here.
  • Sam was on the couch all day with a sour stomach.  He threw up a few times and laid around all day, but by bed time I think he was feeling better.  Now the question is, will it travel through the rest of us, or will we avoid it altogether?  I vote for the second option.
  • Emma is talking all the time now.  She is such a happy little girl, usually laughing or giggling or squealing, running and jumping.  I love watching her play.  Can't believe she'll be two in a few weeks.
  • Benjamin has really learned to enjoy coloring.  He will sit at the table and color for an hour with his crayons and markers.  He reminds me so much of Zack, who used to do the same thing.
  • Paul Jr. gave his notice at Walmart.  Hit me like a ton of bricks that he is actually leaving in a few weeks.  Not sure my heart can handle him leaving.  I'm thrilled for him, yet very sad for myself.  The house will seem very empty with him and without Zack.  I knew this day was coming, but it still came too soon.
  • I'm still losing weight, slowly but surely.  I'll do a post about it when I reach my next goal.  I'm at 119 pounds lost right now.  I'm happy about that, but I'm thrilled about my blood pressure which has been absolutely normal for 2 weeks without medicine.  I check it every day, sometimes a couple times a day, and it has been in the normal range for 14 days.  Praise God.
  • I've changed the way I eat drastically.  The first few weeks were hard, but now?  No problems and I feel great and I think my change in eating is what has pushed my bp down.  A post is coming on that also.
  • Goodnight.


Ben's a good big brother.  Usually. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yankees Game

Paul surprised me a few months ago by telling me he had bought tickets for the Yankees/Braves game for me for our anniversary.  I was thrilled!  I have been a die-hard Yankees fan since I was a little girl and I love watching them play.  We went to quite a few games when I was a kid, but it's been a long time since I've been able to see the Yankees play live.  I think the last time was about 15 years ago in Florida, so I was thrilled when he told me.  I was also happy because, as much as I am a die- hard Yankees fan, he is NOT.  So it was kind of a sacrifice for him to buy the tickets.     The game was last night, and we went with Paul's sister Sherry, also a die-hard Yankee fan and her brand new husband, Jere, a Braves fan.

 The place was packed!  The Yankees are quite a draw and there were alot of people everywhere.  We took pictures with the Braves mascot as soon as we walked in.

 This was the first glimpse of the field.  It always brings me back, when I was a kid, and walking up the ramp in Yankee stadium.  That first glimpse was always so exciting- and it still it.
 The newlyweds.  They had been married for 12 days and I think they held hands the entire game.
 The field after it had been made ready for play.
 A kids choir sang the national anthem and did a great job.
 Play Ball!!
 The Yankees dugout.

 Me and my husband with his new "do" and my new pink Yankees shirt.
 It was a beautiful evening.  Once the sun went down, it was very comfortable with a wonderful breeze.
 7th inning stretch
 "Take me out to the ballgame..."
 It was kind of a slow game.  In the bottom of the first, the Braves scored 3 runs, and then scored another later on.  The Yankees had 4 hits until the top of the 8th and then they finally played some ball!  Bases were loaded and Alex Rodriguez was up and he hit a GRAND SLAM homerun to tie the game!  Sherry, I and about half of the crowd went WILD!  It was amazing. This pic is of ARod rounding 3rd, heading for home.  Then, a few batters later, the Yankees hit another 2 run homerun to take the lead 6-4.
 By this time, our husbands, who had been loudly cheering the Braves got quieter and quieter, and we got louder and louder.  The Yankees held on and won the game.
 After the win, the catcher congratulating the pitcher.
It was a great, fun evening and a wonderful way to celebrate our anniversary.  It was made so much better by the Yankees winning the game, but even if they would have lost, it would have been a great time.  Thanks Paul!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Another Baby Quilt

 I really enjoy making baby quilts.  They go together so quickly and I love all the different color combinations that are available.
 Amanda was an 8 year old girl in my Sunday School class when I first met her.  Her family attended our church in Florida for several years until they moved away.  I didn't hear from her or even of her for many years until.....Facebook!
 We reconnected two or so years ago and I've been thrilled to see what a wonderful mommy and wife she is.  She had her fourth baby, a little girl, a few weeks ago.  When I found out she was having a girl, I knew I had to make her a quilt.
 I love the combination of pink and green.  It is an all flannel quilt, so it is very soft and perfect to let the baby lay on the floor on.  She has already posted pictures of Hannah (her baby) doing just that.
Next up?  A certain almost 2 year old spied some Dora and Elmo fabric on our last trip to the fabric store.  Her excitement led me to purchase some, and now they are calling to me to make her a new quilt.