Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Bass Pro Shops Christmas

 You have never truly experienced a redneck Christmas until you go to Bass Pro Shops and look at their huge Christmas tree.  What's that in the middle of the tree you ask?
 Why of course, it's a hog's head!!  And just for good measure, a little lower is a...
 deer head!
 And these 3 (and their father) loved it.  I was a little taken aback.  I know we've been here before at Christmas, I just can't remember the lifesize animals in the tree!

 He was a very realistic Santa, and sadly, the only one looking at the camera.
 They were all about the games.
 Especially him.
 She loved the tents
 as did he.
 She also enjoyed the elves in the snow, but don't ask her to pet the moving carribou!

 Look at that concentration.
 He was giving it his all.

 Ah, thanks for a great time Dad!

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