Friday, October 26, 2012

Utah Bound!

 We left for the airport at 3am Wednesday morning.  Paul and I never went to bed the night before because we had too much to finish up before the trip but we were excited and not tired at all (yet!).  We got to the airport with no problems, got through security, walked the loooooong  walk to the gate because the tram wasn't working with 90 minutes to spare.  Wow.  I was a bit anxious because I hadn't flown in over 13 years.  We finally got called to board, stowed our luggage, sat down, put on seatbelts and waited to leave.  And waited, and waited and waited.  The plane was an hour late.  Which isn't a big deal unless you only have a 30 minute window to make your connecting flight in Denver.  We of course missed the connection and ended up waiting in the Denver airport for six hours.  The airline gave us vouchers for breakfast and lunch and for future trips.  We finally made it to Salt Lake City around 4:30, glad to finally be there.
 We drove around a bit and went to dinner at Pat's BBQ, a quirky place with amazing food.  We then went back to the hotel and crashed for 12 hours!  We were up and about bright and early
Thursday morning, and what a spectacular day it was!
 City Courthouse
 Beautiful trees
 Walking down the street of Salt Lake City
 Next we went up an 11,000 foot mountain via a tram.  I wasn't sure about the tram ride, but I didn't want to miss the view so I swallowed my anxiety and went anyway.
 The view was worth it.  And the tram ride was super smooth.
 Cold at the top.

 Top off the world!

 Making a snowball

 The tram
 Beautiful aspen trees.

 We loved the pop of yellow from these trees on the mountainside.

Next stop?  A place called Thanksgiving Point.  Pics coming soon.

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