Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Sunday Morning Random Post

  •  I'm missing church this morning due to Sam being sick.  His stomach and head hurt.  He probably could make it and be ok, but I just worry about spreading sickness.  So we are playing it safe and I'm keeping all 3 of the little ones home with me.
  • I hate missing church.  Just seems to throw my whole week off.
  • That being said, I plan to use this gift of time wisely.  These are a few hours "bonus" time- didn't plan on having them, but I surely needed some extra time.
  •  Sometimes I wish I had a pause button on my life.  Time just seems to be racing by and it seems I'm always busy with something.  It would be nice to hit "pause" and take a breather for a few hours or a few days.
  • School is going well this year.  It's a lot more effort in one sense with Classical conversations.  There is alot of memory work to review every day and alot of prep for Mondays.  However, it is easier in another sense that I have a path to follow.  I know where I'm going and I know how I'm getting there.  Even though it's more work, it's easier when I know where we're going.
  • Sam and Ben are doing so well in their memory work.  Sam is amazing!  He can recite almost anything I ask him.  Ben does well for 4.  He knows about 50% by heart and the other 50% if I start him on the answer.  Even 7 weeks in I am still in awe at how much these boys can retain with just a little daily effort.
  •  Paul and I are headed to Salt Lake City next week.  We've never been before and we are very excited.  The big Zija convention is there and since he hit a certain level, we will be picked up at our hotel in a limo and taken to a special reception one evening.  Sounds like a fun time to me!
  • I have not started Emma potty training yet.  Shame on me.  I've thought about it, but have not taken the plunge yet.  I'm just having a hard time finding the motivation to do so.  Ugh.  I dislike potty training.
  • This week marks the 12th anniversary of our move to Georgia.  That's half our marriage.
  • I am loving the cooler temperatures.  They come and go right now, but I know they will be here to stay very soon.  We've turned the a/c off, then on again, then off and on again.  Will be glad to to turn it off for good.
  • I've lost 134 pounds.  yay.  I'm 6 pounds away from my next goal.  I hope to reach it in the next few weeks.  Woo-Hoo.

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