Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Point

Thursday afternoon found us at Thanksgiving Point.  We never did figure out why they named it that- it had nothing to do with the holiday.  There was a little village, a big corn maze and a huge museum of ancient life- DINOSAURS.  The museum held little interest for me, but Paul wanted to see it so we walked through at record pace and snapped some pictures to show the boys when we got home.

Thanksgiving Point also had some absolutely stunning gardens.  It was situated on 50 acres and it took us about 2 hours of walking to see it all.  It was worth every step and every minute.

The Fall colors were spectacular.
Mountains in the background everywhere you looked.
Of course, like just about everything else here, it was Mormon.  Which can be deceiving because there are Bible verses everywhere.  I just enjoyed the beauty along with the Scripture, which is still truth and still powerful.

Lots of carp.  Lots of BIG carp.
In the rose garden.
Beautiful mums.
An interesting water feature.
We couldn't get enough of the Fall colors.
Beautiful man made waterfalls.

It was a lovely day.  The weather was perfect and the company was wonderful.  We hadn't eaten all day so after our long walk through the gardens, we ate at a Steakhouse.  Paul got a great deal with a Groupon and the steak was one of the best I've ever had.  What a great day this was.

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