Monday, June 27, 2011

Focus on the Family

We were looking forward to going to Focus on the Family ever since we were here in 2008. At that time, we drove to Colorado Springs anticipating touring Focus only to arrive and discover it was the one day a year they were closed. We were so disappointed, but the kids were even more disappointed than we were. So, it was an extraspecial treat to be able to go this time.
HB London and Paul at the conference. HB London is a "Pastor to Pastors". He pastored for many years, after which he came to Focus for the primary reason to head up their pastoral care ministry. He is a meek, humble, wise man. He spoke twice and I don't think I'll ever forget what he said or the spirit with which he said it.
Praise and worship during the conference.
Gary and Barbara Rossberg were two of the speakers. They spoke on marriage, as did Emerson and Nicole Eggerich. Both couples did an excellent job and we learned alot from them.
Focus treated us so well. They fed us every meal the 3 days we were they and they were all excellent meals. Paul is here eating brunch the last morning. The quantity of the food was only outdone by the quality of the food.
As most of you know, Adventures in Odyssey is produced by Focus and they have a replica of Whit's End, which is where the stories take place. My kids love this program and this is why they were so disappointed to have missed coming here in 2008. We walked through and were very impressed with the quality.
This is the room they tape all the radio recordings for Focus on the Family.
HB London speaking to the pastors and their wives.
Focus overlooks Pikes Peak, and the first night when we came out, the sun was just about finished setting over the mountain. It was beautiful.
Paul and I both agreed that this was the best conference we had ever been to. If we ever have a chance to come again, we will jump at it!
Next up: Helen Hunts Falls, Gold Camp mining road, Garden of the gods and Manitou Springs

Thursday, June 23, 2011

More quilts

The week before we left for Colorado, I decided to make a baby quilt. It was for a special little boy, and I so enjoyed making it. The fabrics are in fun blues and browns.

On the back is little monkeys. Which got me to thinking. This baby has a sister. Who loves mokeys. Certainly it wouldn't be that hard to make one more quilt. Even though we're leaving in 3 days. And I have a ton of packing and cleaning to do.

I went to the store, just to "look" at the fabric. And I found this perfect monkey fabric and decided I could do it.

And I did. With a few hours to spare. :)

I loved making this quilt. I love the fabric and the way it came together.

Cute, cute, cute.

Can't wait to make the next one!

And the next one is for Sam. He is the only one of my children that I have not made a quilt for. I have one started for him and my goal in the next few weeks is to finish it.

It's not a cute monkey quilt.

It's a super hero quilt with Superman, Batman and Spiderman. 6 year old boys. Gotta love them!

The Road to Colorado and Pike's Peak

Paul and I left KC, headed to Colorado Springs early on Monday morning. We had made this same trip 3 years ago when we traveled cross country, but then, we had traveled at night. We wondered if we had missed anything interesting, not being able to see this part of Kansas/Colorado because of the darkness.

Our question was answered.

We didn't. miss. anything.

Seriously, the landscape looked like this about 30 minutes from my parents house to about 30 minutes from Colorado Springs. Pretty much nothing. I enjoy looking at fields and crops and different things, but this was a bit much. And the strange thing was, with no kids in the car, we were silent. We weren't mad at each other, we were just enjoying the quiet. It was blissful.

Once we hit Colorado Springs, our boring drive ended and the spectacular sights of the Rockies took over. This is the view we had from our hotel, beautiful Pike's Peak. We had wanted to drive up Pike's Peak 3 years ago, but we were pulling a trailer and there was a terrible storm at the top of the mountain, so we didn't do it. Paul had always wanted to go to the top since then. I wanted to go to, but I wasn't sure about the heights. Paul decided we would take the train to the top. Ok, I was glad he wasn't going to be driving, but I still wasn't sure.

This was the inside of the train. I needn't have worried. It was very smooth and easy. We really enjoyed the ride up and especially the cool, cool breeze in our face on the way up. What a treat!

Aspen trees- aren't they beautiful? Another advantage of taking the train was the guide. She gave up the history of Pike's Peak and pointed out many things on the ride up. It was very interesting.

A deer we saw in a meadow on the way up. Guess who was so excited about that??

Getting closer to the snow capped peak. God gave us a gloriously brilliant day to view the Peak. The day before was hazy and smoky- this day was perfect.

Here's why they call it the "rocky" mountains. The top was all rock.


We made it! We both experienced dizziness and weakness when we were at the top. Just a bit of walking and we were breathless.

Paul at the top of the world.

The view was amazing. We could see 5 states on this day.

Mile high donuts. They were delicious.

The cog train. They only let you stay up here around 30 minutes so you don't experience high altitude sickness.
2 big horn sheep we saw on the way down. There was great excitement in the train when these guys came into view.

The ride down was very relaxing. So relaxing in fact that many people slept on the way down. I would recommend the train as a great way to view Pike's Peak- we really enjoyed it.

Coming Soon- Focus on the Family

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kansas, Part 1

We had a goal of leaving Georgia by 10pm on Wednesday, June 1st. We pulled onto 475 at 9:55pm- pretty good for our family! The kids were all excited and Paul and I were already tired. Ben and Sam had a meltdown before we even got off our road. Paul and I looked at each other knowingly- it was going to be a long trip. And it was.

We arrived in Basehor, Kansas around 12 the next day, exhausted, sore from sitting in the van for so long but happy to have arrived. It was so good to see Zack and hug him. He ran right out to meet us when we pulled in and the little ones mobbed him, wanting Bubba to hold them.

The weather was hot when we arrived, much like what we had left in Georgia, but the difference was that the evenings and morning were cool and so comfortable. We enjoyed sitting out on my parents deck in the evenings and visiting while the kids swam and Emma crawled around the grass.

Emma was eating grass here and Paul was trying to get it out of her mouth.

Dad? Where's your head? Dad??

Oh there you are! (Look at the beautiful grass. Paul and I lusted over my parents yard)

Emma loved being outside and free. She crawled and crawled whenever we put her down.

Emma and Grandpa

She was intent on getting his toothpick.

Saturday morning Paul took the boys to "Dairy Days" in the small town my parents live in. They had a blast!

Jumping houses...

Inflatable slides...


Balloon swords (which pop when they hit the ground)...

My mother loves to play badminton and she has taught all the grand kids to love the game. Of course, it is an irregular game when you play it with the 18 year old boys...

Zack and Sam

Sam discovered he LOVED badminton and he was pretty good at it. He even had to take home the special racket Grandma gave him.

Zachary Brian. Oh how I miss him.

Anna and Zack. I'm not really sure why they look so unhappy but take it from me, they weren't.

Grandpa and my nephew Jacob, Zack's twin cousin.

Now there's some smiles! Zack, Anna, Emily and Emma. We were having a birthday party for everyone!

Paul and I left early the next morning for Colorado. (To be continued)