Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kansas, Part 1

We had a goal of leaving Georgia by 10pm on Wednesday, June 1st. We pulled onto 475 at 9:55pm- pretty good for our family! The kids were all excited and Paul and I were already tired. Ben and Sam had a meltdown before we even got off our road. Paul and I looked at each other knowingly- it was going to be a long trip. And it was.

We arrived in Basehor, Kansas around 12 the next day, exhausted, sore from sitting in the van for so long but happy to have arrived. It was so good to see Zack and hug him. He ran right out to meet us when we pulled in and the little ones mobbed him, wanting Bubba to hold them.

The weather was hot when we arrived, much like what we had left in Georgia, but the difference was that the evenings and morning were cool and so comfortable. We enjoyed sitting out on my parents deck in the evenings and visiting while the kids swam and Emma crawled around the grass.

Emma was eating grass here and Paul was trying to get it out of her mouth.

Dad? Where's your head? Dad??

Oh there you are! (Look at the beautiful grass. Paul and I lusted over my parents yard)

Emma loved being outside and free. She crawled and crawled whenever we put her down.

Emma and Grandpa

She was intent on getting his toothpick.

Saturday morning Paul took the boys to "Dairy Days" in the small town my parents live in. They had a blast!

Jumping houses...

Inflatable slides...


Balloon swords (which pop when they hit the ground)...

My mother loves to play badminton and she has taught all the grand kids to love the game. Of course, it is an irregular game when you play it with the 18 year old boys...

Zack and Sam

Sam discovered he LOVED badminton and he was pretty good at it. He even had to take home the special racket Grandma gave him.

Zachary Brian. Oh how I miss him.

Anna and Zack. I'm not really sure why they look so unhappy but take it from me, they weren't.

Grandpa and my nephew Jacob, Zack's twin cousin.

Now there's some smiles! Zack, Anna, Emily and Emma. We were having a birthday party for everyone!

Paul and I left early the next morning for Colorado. (To be continued)

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