Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Road to Colorado and Pike's Peak

Paul and I left KC, headed to Colorado Springs early on Monday morning. We had made this same trip 3 years ago when we traveled cross country, but then, we had traveled at night. We wondered if we had missed anything interesting, not being able to see this part of Kansas/Colorado because of the darkness.

Our question was answered.

We didn't. miss. anything.

Seriously, the landscape looked like this about 30 minutes from my parents house to about 30 minutes from Colorado Springs. Pretty much nothing. I enjoy looking at fields and crops and different things, but this was a bit much. And the strange thing was, with no kids in the car, we were silent. We weren't mad at each other, we were just enjoying the quiet. It was blissful.

Once we hit Colorado Springs, our boring drive ended and the spectacular sights of the Rockies took over. This is the view we had from our hotel, beautiful Pike's Peak. We had wanted to drive up Pike's Peak 3 years ago, but we were pulling a trailer and there was a terrible storm at the top of the mountain, so we didn't do it. Paul had always wanted to go to the top since then. I wanted to go to, but I wasn't sure about the heights. Paul decided we would take the train to the top. Ok, I was glad he wasn't going to be driving, but I still wasn't sure.

This was the inside of the train. I needn't have worried. It was very smooth and easy. We really enjoyed the ride up and especially the cool, cool breeze in our face on the way up. What a treat!

Aspen trees- aren't they beautiful? Another advantage of taking the train was the guide. She gave up the history of Pike's Peak and pointed out many things on the ride up. It was very interesting.

A deer we saw in a meadow on the way up. Guess who was so excited about that??

Getting closer to the snow capped peak. God gave us a gloriously brilliant day to view the Peak. The day before was hazy and smoky- this day was perfect.

Here's why they call it the "rocky" mountains. The top was all rock.


We made it! We both experienced dizziness and weakness when we were at the top. Just a bit of walking and we were breathless.

Paul at the top of the world.

The view was amazing. We could see 5 states on this day.

Mile high donuts. They were delicious.

The cog train. They only let you stay up here around 30 minutes so you don't experience high altitude sickness.
2 big horn sheep we saw on the way down. There was great excitement in the train when these guys came into view.

The ride down was very relaxing. So relaxing in fact that many people slept on the way down. I would recommend the train as a great way to view Pike's Peak- we really enjoyed it.

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