Friday, September 9, 2011

Emma's Bedhead

Emma has quite a head of hair and it can be quite unruly, especially when she wakes up.
She thought it was quite funny this morning.
Look at that head of hair! Her hair reminds me the most of Zack's when he was this age, although hers is curlier and she has more of it. Anna also had a curly head, but not until she was a bit older and hers was much lighter. Strange. 3 curly heads, 3 straight heads and 1 that started a bit curly and turned to straight. All from one gene pool.
Paul brought back a ring for Emma from Brazil. It is the cutest thing when she wears it. She, of course, spends the whole time trying to get it off. If we can get her to forget about it, she does great!

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