Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Royal Gorge

I was really looking forward to going to see the Royal Gorge. I have heard about the Royal Gorge since I was a kid- it's part of a old story in the Adrian family. My parents and my brother Jonathan drove to Colorado after dropping off Rebecca and I at our grandparents house in Kansas. My parents drove to the Royal Gorge bridge, to cross it. No way was my mom driving over the gorge with my dad, so she made him stop the car so she could get out before he started over the bridge. She got out and my father continued for about 30 seconds. The car stopped and out my brother got. He was very young at the time, maybe 3 or 4, but he was not going over that bridge with Dad at the wheel.

I've heard this story over and over again growing up, so when Paul discovered the Royal Gorge was only 30 minutes away from Colorado Springs, I was excited to go. Except I wasn't sure I wanted to drive over the bridge.
So we took the railroad instead, and viewed the bridge (the tallest suspension bridge) from under it.
It was a great plan and very enjoyable.
The train tracks followed the rushing river all through the gorge.
God blessed us with another perfect day.
On the train we were able to sit in the a/c cars, or stand in the open air car. The weather was so perfect, we stood in the open air car for most of the trip, enjoying the cool breeze in our faces.
Our first glimpse of the bridge. Now I understand why my mom wouldn't cross it. (Just kidding. I've understood all these years why she wouldn't cross it with Dad!)
It was something to see.
The train ride was so relaxing.
The tram that crossed the gorge.
We saw this deer by the side of the tracks when were we almost back to the station.
The next morning, we left Colorado. This is what Pike's Peak looked like as we drove away.
And this is what we looked at for over 8 hours on the way back to my parents house.

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Kelly Anderson said...

Oh gosh at that bridge there is no way in the planet I would go over that bridge. The one to Jekyll Island terrifies me enough as high as it is. I am scared of heights. Yikes! Those pics were gorgeous though. I have never been on a train like that.