Thursday, July 7, 2011

Emma at One Year Old

This is Emma, eating her breakfast on the morning of her birthday. She is still such a happy baby, usually very content. The one exception? Going to bed. She does not like to go to bed and she will let you know it.
She weighs 26 pounds and wears size 2t, depending on the clothes. She takes steps, but does not walk yet. She crawls very, very fast and has begun climbing on anything around.
I am just transitioning her to one nap a day. She was taking 2, but it wasn't working out and it might have been why she fought going to bed. We will see.
Emma enjoys eating. Her favorites seem to be macaroni and cheese and green beans, although she will eat almost anything. She also really enjoys cantaloupe and watermelon.
She only says a few words: Hi, which is the clearest and the word she says the most; What's that?, usually said in a whisper; dad, mom, Ellie and a bunch of other sounds, but those are about all the words we can decipher.
Her eyes are still a brilliant blue and her hair is a mess of curls. We get stopped wherever we go by people commenting on how cute or beautiful she is. And, I must agree. She is beautiful!
She favors her sister Anna, but not completely. Sometimes she looks so much like Anna and other times, she doesn't. I see Zack and Ellie also in her, and at times, Ben.
Here she is eating mac and cheese. It's a tradition in our house to choose your birthday meal, and I just assumed Emma would choose mac and cheese.
I'm pretty sure she agreed with my assumption!
Her first birthday cake that I made her. I was thrilled with the way it came out. Sometimes cakes don't always come out the way I have them pictured in my head, but this one did!
She was tentative at first, only sampling the frosting.
But once she had some, she didn't stop!
A fistful of cake.
My birthday buddy and me! I am told very frequently that Emma looks like me. Sometimes, I think she does. Other times, not so much.
Ooooh, the presents.
A cool walking toy.
Winnie the Pooh and a beautiful dress from Nana and Poppy.
Happy Birthday Emma. We sure do love you.

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