Monday, October 25, 2010


Sam and I were having a deep discussion this morning. It seems we always have these kinds of discussions while we are driving. We had talked about sin a few weeks ago, and a few moments after we left our house today, he started in as if no time had passed.

"So mom, if I become a sinner then I can become a Christian?"

Hmmmm. "Well, Sam, you are already a sinner. You need to admit that you do things that don't please God and realize you need a Savior."

"Mom, are you a sinner?"

"Yes, Sam. I am."

"Oh. Mom, is Emma a sinner?"

"Yes, she is. "

"But Mom. Emma is a baby. She doesn't do anything."

"I know Sam, but she was born a sinner. When she came into this world, she was a sinner."

"Is Grandma a sinner?"

"Yes, Sam, even Grandma is a sinner."

Sam gasped out loud. "BUT MOM! GRANDMA IS SO GOOD!"

"I know Sam, but she is still a sinner."

Sam sighed loudly. "Mom. This is such a sin world." he said sadly.

Oh Sam. If you only knew how true your words are.

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Anonymous said...

Give Sam a hug from me, I miss them all so. Love, Mom