Monday, October 4, 2010

Last Week

  • I didn't intend for a whole week to go by without a post. We were busy and the days just got away from me.
  • Zack and my parents made it safely to KS. My mom said the smile never left his face the whole drive there. I believe it.
  • It's very odd here without him. But, it's becoming normal. I think Paul Jr is enjoying having his own room again. The last time he had his own room, he was 2!
  • Ellie had her first piano recital this past week and did great. I have pictures and video to upload later today or tomorrow.
  • Emma has slept 12 hours the past two nights. I had to wake her up at 10am to get her ready for church yesterday. I think she is the sleepiest baby I've ever had.
  • I've lost 48 lbs since I had Emma, 13 weeks ago. Woo-Hoo. And, amazingly enough, I haven't been dieting or exercising. It's this supplement I've been taking that has done it. Paul has lost close to 40. We both have more energy and a better outlook, all from the supplement made from a tree God created.
  • Our church has gone through a rough time these past 2 months, but God is faithful and we've had some real sweet services. Yesterday kicked off our Autumn Bible conference and it was great.
  • Fall is here! It was in the low 40's when I got up this morning. I'm actually a little chilly- and that hasn't happened in a long time.
  • Paul got a part time job at a funeral home here in town. Part of his responsibilities will be picking up dead bodies at night. I guess someone has to do it, but I'm glad it's him and not me!
  • Gotta go. Emma finally decided to wake up at 8:40 and I'm sure she's starving!
  • Have a wonderful day.

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