Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jackson's Dedication

 We had Jackson dedicated on October 8th because my parents were here.  The only one  missing was Zachary.
 Poppy and Nana
 Jackson and his older parents. :)
 The whole crew.  Notice Ben?  Guess he was tired.
 Grandpa, Anna and Ellie

 Paul and his 5th son
 Our dear friend Jim Williams

 The beautiful cupcake cake Angie made.
 Big, dark eyes

We love this baby.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Noah's Ark

 Paul and I took the kids and his dad to Noah's Ark, an animal sanctuary.  It was a beautiful day.
 Paul's dad told him that it had been many years since he's been to the zoo.
 Jackson was great!

Not exactly sure what she was doing!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Cell Phone Photos from September

 One of his first smiles.

 Most people say Jackson looks just like Ben.
 This is when we realized we need to be using the seat belt to strap him in.
 Sunday afternoon snooze with Dad.
 Sleeping again on the table at school.

 Another first smile picture.

  We have spent so so many hours just like this.
 After a bath one evening.
 Semi smile.
 One of his first big smiles.
 Love his expression in this pic.
Jackson and I spent many hours in this rocking chair in his first 2 months.  Now? I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Then? I would have given almost anything for a good stretch of sleep.  It's fascinating how time changes your perspective.

Jackson at One Month Old

 On August 29, Jackson was one month old.  This first month went so fast- and so slow.
 Jackson is having alot of trouble still digesting his formula.  We've tried several different options, and the best one, the one we've settle one, is still giving him trouble.
 He's still getting up every 3 hours at night with an occasional 4 hour stretch.  He has reflux, so he throws up some of every bottle.

 I do love this little boy though.  He has stolen my heart with his big eyes.
 He is one strong little baby.  He is holding his head this high and straight at only 4 weeks old. :)