Saturday, November 8, 2014

Jackson Day 2

 Zack was the first to arrive the next morning.  He had to work that day, so he got up early to come meet his little brother.
 Jackson reminded me alot of Zack in his early days.
 Soon after, everyone else arrived and couldn't wait to get their hands on the new baby.

 His big sisters and second mothers. :)

 I told Ellie that this would be her baby.  Sam and Ben were Anna's babies, but Jackson will be Ellie's.  He loves her already and she is second only to me in comforting him.

 Emma has already informed Jackson that she will be the boss of him.  Poor baby.

 Jackson and his sister in law Courtney.
 Big sister shirt
 Anna is going to make sure that Jackson knows and loves her from the beginning.

Jackson was not our typical sleepy newborn.  It seems he had stomach issues from the very beginning.  He struggled with gassiness from the very first bottle on.  It should have been a warning to us, that these first few weeks were not going to be easy.

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