Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sunday, August 10

 Sitting in church.
 With Paul on the porch after church.  This was Zack's last Sunday with us before he went back to Kansas, so we took some family pictures.
 Paul and I with Jackson, our 8th baby.  I think we look pretty good for everything we went through this past summer, and for having virtually no sleep for 2 weeks.
 Our entire family.  This picture is amazing.  How did our family get so big?
 My eight children.  Wow.  It is sometimes unreal to me that I have children that are now adults....and children that are still babies.
 All the kids with Courtney and Joseph.  I love these two kids and thank God for blessing my children and our family with them.

 Those of us who still live at home, although technically Zack doesn't live at home anymore.
 Oh he reminds me of his brother Paul.  Paul went through a no smiling phase in pictures too.
 Sweet Emma with the poison ivy on her face.
Who knows what goes through this kid's head?  We'd probably all be scared if we knew!

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