Monday, December 1, 2014


Anna had been sick on and off for a few weeks, which is sadly, not unusual for her.  So, at first, I didn't give it a second thought.  I was still sleep deprived, so I didn't have second thoughts about many things.  One Monday at school, I was headed into the nursery with Jackson, and she was rapidly heading out the door with all her things in her hands.

I asked her where she was going and she said she was going home, that she was sick again.

Without thinking, I asked her if she was pregnant.

YES! she said as she slowly turned green!  I gave her a quick hug, we talked briefly and then she was gone, heading home to bed.

It took a few minutes for it to register what that meant.

It meant that I was going to be a grandmother.  Whoa. 

It's not that I didn't want to become a grandmother.  It's that I just had a baby myself- how was my daughter now going to have a baby? 

When Anna and Joseph went public with the news, alot of different people asked how we felt about becoming Grandparents.  We really didn't know how to answer because, quite honestly, we didn't really know how we felt.

Of course, we're thrilled about Joseph and Anna becoming parents.  And we're thrilled about another new baby in the family.

But the grandparent part?  It's totally foreign to us.  And it's hard to think about when you are still getting used to your own new baby.

It's just alot to take in in such a short time.  Within 4 months, our oldest son got married, our oldest daughter got married, we welcomed our 8th child in our family and found out we were becoming grandparents. 

One of those events is alot.  But combine all 4 and it's mind boggling.

A good mind boggling!

I'm excited to hold Anna's baby and see who he or she looks like and watch Anna and Joseph as they enjoy this new baby.  It's an exciting time and I'm so thankful they live so close.

Now to get used to the name Grandma!

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