Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa's Visit

 My parents came for a visit in October.  It is such an exciting time when they visit and this was the first time they had met Jackson.

 There are always lots of games when Grandma is here.
 We also had a chili supper.  My mom started this tradition when we all lived in Florida.  When the weather cooled down, she would make a big pot of chili and we'd come to her house and eat.  Such good memories.
 When I found out they would be here in October, I decided we would have a chili supper.  Except this time I made the chili (just like mom's) and it was my kids coming over.  Strange how things have changed over the years.

 Mom and I took the kids to Lane's while she was here.  It was so hot this day!

 But the kids didn't care how hot it was.

Even Jackson got in on the pumpkin pictures.  Their visit came to an end all too soon.

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