Monday, March 4, 2013

Ben's 5th Birthday

 Benjamin Robert Anthony turned 5 years old on Friday, February 22nd.  He had counted down his birthday for 2 weeks prior, so I knew we needed to make it special.  I had plans to celebrate with a picnic at the park- a special park we don't go to very often- and invite his very best friend, Andyman.  However, the weather didn't cooperate.  Plan B?  Chuck E Cheese.
 We went in the late morning, and there were just a few other kids there which makes it a nice place for kids.  I gave the kids their tokens and they were off!
 They had a great time!
 What a handsome boy.
 Sam playing whack a mole.
 Emma riding in the spinning cup of hot chocolate (and looking pretty!)
 Andyman racing cars.
 A picture with Barney. On a totally different note, I was thinking the other day that I have been watching Barney for over 20 years.  I can sing all the songs and name all the kids.  Sad, huh??
 Dancing for free tickets.
 Andyman and Ben at Burger King.  Best buds.

 Ben and Sam.  Cheesy silly boys.
My newest 5 year old.  Love that boy.

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