Monday, February 4, 2013

The View from my End of the Table

 Morning school time.  This is what I see from where I sit.  Sam is on my left, Ben is on my right and Emma is directly in front of me.  This way, I know at all times where those two are.  And it is very important to know where Ben and Emma are. at. all. times.
 He LOVES doing school.  He loves coloring and cutting and glueing.  He's working on shapes here.  I was a bit surprised that he knew by name what a hexagon was.  I have no idea where he learned that!
 She loves coloring and cutting and basically anything Ben is doing.  She insists on being included in everything.
 He's past the age of "fun" school and is onto the "real" school.  He's doing a math facts page here and (cough, cough) really enjoying it.
 Love that smile!
It's all serious to him!!  I do enjoy school with these 3.  Usually!

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Anonymous said...

Love those Zija tea boxes...can't stand to throw them away. Great for so many little things!
Glad school is going well!