Monday, April 23, 2012

Somewhat Behind...

I have gotten behind in my blog.  That was never my intention, but when push comes to shove, the blog is the first thing to get crossed off my to do list.  Our neighbors Internet signal, which we have been "borrowing" has not been working for us these past few weeks, so I've literally had no way to get online from the house.  Usually I'll come up to the church or some other place with wifi, but our van has been in the shop for three weeks.  Yes, THREE weeks.  That means that usually I am left at home without a vehicle.  And then when I do get a vehicle, it is usually to do silly things, like grocery shop, not go sit online and update the blog.

I've also been extremely busy with preparations for Anna's birthday party and my parents visit this past week.  The party took alot of time and effort and the fact that I decided to make her a queen size quilt didn't quite help with time management.  I thought I gave myself enough time, but I ended up only getting the top finished.  The only consolation is that she'll not need it for at least two years, so I should have time to finish it.

I have a bunch of posts coming up with alot of pictures.  I uploaded over 700 pictures to the computer yesterday alone.  (Don't worry- I'm not going to post them all!)

Things have been fast paced around our house for a while now.  I want things to slow down, to slow way down.  But I haven't quite yet figured out a way to do that.  Let me know if you come up with something...

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